Can Pregnant Women Drink Pedialyte? List Of Drinks That Are In Demand For The Pregnant

Can Pregnant Women Drink Pedialyte? List Of Drinks That Are In Demand For The Pregnant - Can pregnant women drink pedialyte? During pregnancy, Your fluid intake is increased. At least 2.5 liters if you have all day to drink. However, it is also important that you be careful what you drink.

Drink at least 2.5 liters!

During pregnancy, it is important to drink a lot in order to supply your body with enough fluid. Because pregnancy is very hard on your body. He needs to increase the blood volume is about one-third. On top of that you have risen estrogen levels widen blood vessels. Heart pumping strong and series you can easily become unbalanced. Especially if you suffer from pre-conceptions of low blood pressure, this affected specifically.

Therefore, it is now very important that you drink enough and support your body with it. 2.5 liter if you have at least one day for a drink! The best thing is to distribute the amount you’re good all day. It is little used in the evening to catch everything that you have not drunk during the day. It’s best to always have a bottle of water with you as “drinking schedule” defeating Prof. Dr. Kainer Nolden and Annette in their book “The Big Book of Pregnancy” in future.:

  • Drink a glass of water before breakfast effort.
  • Also accompanied the breakfast you have to have a glass of juice or a cup of tea to bring to you.
  • Two glasses of water or diluted fruit juice during the morning.
  • A glass of water for lunch.
  • A cup of tea or a glass of milk in the afternoon.
  • Two large cups of tea or glass of water for dinner.
  • A glass of water before going to bed.

This drink is particularly recommended:

The best things to drink lots of water and mineral water. In the mineral waters there are good though, if you pay attention to the fact that it is low in sodium. Sodium containing binding water liquid in the tissues. In addition, there are many types of bottled water, which is fortified with vitamins and minerals already.

  • In addition to the bottled water you can drink or a coffee substitute Muckefuck from malt, barley and rye unsweetened herbal and fruit.
  • Even skim, buttermilk and fruit are good because they help you as well, to cover Your calcium needs.

Never drink in pregnancy you should:

  • Coffee and other caffeinated drinks: events, research study of America and the United Kingdom showed that consumption of two cups of coffee can have a negative effect on the development of children on that day. So bring a language study United Kingdom woman drinking coffee for 70 grams lighter on average. This also applies to black tea and cola. Since caffeine hinders absorption, especially in iron, calcium and vitamin C, as well as a small coffee or Espresso should be allowed more right after eating. By the way, dark chocolate contains caffeine and it should be enjoyed in small quantities.
  • Rich Sugar soft drinks: Cola, Fanta, ice tea and drink a kind of sugar-rich soft you should avoid this time. Even drinking cocoa and chocolate you have to consume in small quantities.
  • Quinine-containing drinks: tonic water and bitter lemon you should definitely go. Quinine contained in, it can affect the health of your baby.
  • Alcohol: now almost taken for granted and really know any pregnant: alcohol is taboo. Alcohol can cause major damage to the child, there is significant evidence of drugs. Because of the effect on the placenta directly with children. However, it is still not clear why alcohol consumption in some women have a strong impact and bring other people is still a very healthy child. In addition to those drunk here seems especially developmental stages children born to play the role. In some stages of the pregnancy, a child’s brain is particularly vulnerable to pollutants. Because this phase is not yet fully known, but also the limits of alcohol consumption can be determined, is not recommended in principle by alcohol.

I hope the above helps answer a question can pregnant women drink Pedialyte? Hope your pregnancy goes smoothlyRead also the article about Can a pregnant woman take Pepto Bismol for heartburn.

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